"Reflections Found"
I have always been a scavenger.

I love to collect the broken, imperfect oddities that others overlook. At the beach, I gather the strange pieces of clear, green, purple, and brown glass that have tumbled for decades in the sea. Over the years, I have collected thousands of pieces, and had hours of meditative fun sorting them by colors and shapes.

I want to hoard them.

Instead, I am turning them into wearable art with meaningful words. Some of these quotes are thought provoking, radical, funny, and even naughty. Some word clarity is more subtle than others, depending on how much the glass has been tumbled, worn, and etched by time.

After adding words to the glass, I build polymer clay around them, including my own bezels, cane faces, eyes, textures, and sculpted faces. As each glass shard is unique, so is each piece of jewelry. I love them just as I found them, and don't alter them in any way. When possible, I design so the natural edges show. Looking closely, you can see the slight curve in the glass, molded words and designs, or the rim of a wine bottle. Although they appear to be heavy, they are remarkably lightweight and fun to wear.

Life's too short to wear boring jewelry!

reflections- thoughts, ideas, or opinions formed or remarks made as a result of meditation.

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