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Kathy Bingaman

"Imaginative Polymer Art"
    Inspiration is everywhere! Since polymer clay can mimic other materials, or just be itself, it is my favorite medium. Limitless colors can be mixed, textured, sanded, and shaped into any form. The designs are built with the clay, not painted on.
     As a scavenger, I often add clay to found objects such as sea glass, beach junk, and shells. Many pieces appear to be ancient metal artifacts, often containing old symbols or writing. 
    When I sculpt the clay, things just happen! What if I do this... try that... add some of those...

My booth at the Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild "Bead Bonanza" in Souhfield, Michigan every March and October.
Teaching my "Sea Treasures" class for the Metro Detroit Polymer Clay Guild.
The fabulous WildChild Art Gallery in Matlacha, Florida, where I demo and sell my art.